Network Solutions and Services

Network Solutions and Services

Cisco Professional Services Provider

Rest Consulting Services has met the requirements for attaining the broadestrange of expertise across multiple technologies by achieving Cisco advanced specializations in the three following areas:

Enterprise Network Architecture
Collaboration Architecture
Security Architecture

Rest Consulting Professional Services

Rest Consulting offers technical project management, consulting, and implementation services through project lifecycle.


Cisco Enterprise Networking

Cisco Nexus Series
Cisco switching provides the scale, intelligence, simplicity, and security essential to accelerate business initiatives and protect investments. They offer a variety of benefits, including the following:

High-availability features help ensure nonstop connectivity and business continuity. In-service software upgrades virtually eliminate downtime for updates, while the virtual switching system (VSS) enables two active switches to appear as one, with a single point of management.
Consistent Experience with Full-Stack Automation and Security
Only Cisco extends consistent network services – for security, video, wireless, network management, and more – from the user edge through campus distribution, core, and the data center.
Application Visibility with Real Time Analytics and Deep Telmetry
Cisco Flexible NetFlow technology helps enable customers to view traffic flows granularly to the application level. Greater control over flow data helps speed responses to mitigate attacks, adjust bandwidth provisioning, and enable continuous monitoring.
Simplified Operations with Advanced Centralized Management
Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations brings together a set of technologies and Cisco IOS Software features to simplify network planning, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting, lowering IT operating costs and TCO.

Cisco Cloud Managed Meraki

Cisco Meraki products are built from the ground up for cloud management, and come out of the box with centralized management, layer 7 device and application visibility, real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much, much more. Cisco Meraki deploys quickly and easily, without training or proprietary command line interfaces.

Manage your IT infrastructure from a single dashboard
Control users, applications, and devices
No controller hardware or management software to install and maintain
Secure (PCI and HIPAA-compliant) cloud infrastructure
Scales from small sites to million-user deployments