IT Security assessment

IT Security assessment

Know your security position.

Are you confident in your business’s ability to defend against ongoing attacks or recover in the event of a breach? Our Security Assessment equips you with the information you need to implement enterprisewide protection.
We have the dedicated experience, extensive resources and deep partner relationships to defend your most valuable assets. We’ll help you:

Mitigate risk
Boost operational efficiency
Improve the client experience
Increase cost-effectiveness

Extensive services to match your need


Whether you want help prioritizing and implementing known vulnerabilities or are starting from square one, we’ll work alongside your staff to remediate any shortcomings.

Audit & compliance
We're experts in a range of frameworks and compliance initiatives impacting multiple industries, including HIPAA, GDPR and PCI.
Vulnerability assessment
Our auditors gather and classify all systems, open ports and running services to provide a complete overview of your environment.
Penetration testing
We can demonstrate the destructive power that an attack from the inside, a rogue employee or an untrusted contractor can inflict.

What is a security assessment?

Security is an ever-changing, critical component of your organization. Because defense strategies continue to evolve, regular network security assessments are needed to get a complete view of your protection level and to identify vulnerabilities.
A comprehensive audit will assess each type of data you store, generate or manipulate. It will ensure your organization is working within the compliance frameworks and standards of any regulatory body involved, from ISO and PCI-DSS to SOX and HIPAA.

Our security services include:

Vulnerability assessments
Security strategy workshops
Security roadmaps
Solution design and technology selection
Security tool rationalization
Audit and compliance
Penetration testing
Monitored and managed security